Corrupt schemes are often difficult to detect because they are designed to be inconspicuous. Sudden and unexplained changes in an individual’s lifestyle and behaviour may be the only clue that an individual is benefiting from corrupt activities.

However, an extravagant lifestyle alone does not provide conclusive evidence of criminal activities occurring in the background. There may be legitimate reasons, such as inheritance or support from wealthy relatives.

Investigators therefore use lifestyle audits as a tool, which aims to either justify an extravagant lifestyle with a legitimate source of income or uncover potential corruption.

These audits involve a comprehensive investigation into an individual’s lifestyle and aim to reveal any inconsistencies between an individual’s standard of living and their declared source of income.

Investigators review an individual’s assets, activities, expenses, travel patterns, and other relevant factors. Information from various sources such as property records, vehicle ownership, company registers, and credit histories are examined to establish a comprehensive profile of an individual’s lifestyle.

These findings are compared against the individual’s declared income for consistency. If an individual’s extravagant lifestyle is inconsistent and exceeds their declared income, it could indicate that they are using criminal activities to fund their lifestyle.

Given the sensitive and personal nature of lifestyle audits, it is essential to handle the investigation with care and ensure the protection of individuals’ rights. Accordingly, upholding standards of confidentiality, fairness, independence, due care, and professionalism throughout the investigation and audit process is fundamental.

In summary, an individual’s sudden change in lifestyle may be the only clue that they are involved in criminal activity. A lifestyle audit is a valuable tool that promotes accountability in both the private and public sectors. It brings transparency to an organisation or, in the case of the public sector, to ordinary citizens, ensuring that no corrupt activities take place behind closed doors.

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