Our Services

Our forensic services cover a broad range of offerings in forensics, ranging from forensic investigations, investigation support services, fraud and corruption risk assessments, business intelligence, due diligence, and cyber forensics.

Forensic Investigations

  • Commercial crime investigations (Fraud, Theft and Corruption)
  • Labour related misconduct investigations
  • Proving/disproving discrimination and harassment grievances
  • Expert testimony in civil, criminal or disciplinary proceedings

Investigation Support Services

  • Polygraph tests and expert testimony in relation thereof
  • Handwriting analysis
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Fingerprint analysis
  • Background checks

Fraud and Corruption Risk Assessments

  • Fraud prevention plans/strategies
  • Fraud detection plans
  • Fraud response plans
  • Fraud and corruption awareness training.

Business Intelligence and Due Diligence

  • Analysing and mitigating potential risk strategies
  • Probity reporting (Know Your Client)
  • Business and candidate vetting
  • Conflicts of interest detection
  • Lifestyle audits

Transaction Monitoring and Reporting

  • Detection and reporting of suspicious activity

Policy Development and Verification

  • Analysis of existing policies and procedures
  • Identification of control weaknesses
  • Drafting of policies and procedures.

Cyber Forensic Services

  • Extract, preserve and analyse electronic evidence (E-discovery)
  • Execution of Anton Piller orders
  • Technical support in the full process of a forensic investigation from legal document drafting, search and seizure; analysis, reporting and expert witness testimony
  • Tracing and discovery of hidden websites