Forensics Interviews
DML Forensics interview by Silver Wolf PI – Sias Strydom

Interview with Sias Strydom from DML Forensics as COO, he shares more information about the company, the connection with Dingley Marshall Lewin and his role in the investigations and other services at DML Forensics.

DML Forensics interview by Silver Wolf PI – Anél de Bruyn

Interview with Anél de Bruyn from DML Forensics. She talks to us about DML Forensics and her role in forensic investigations.

3 Part Introduction to Forensics

Part 1: Forensics 101 – Cyber Crime
  • What is Cyber Crime?
  • The value of Cyber Forensics.
  • How your organisation may benefit from cyber forensic processes.
Part 2: Forensics 101 – Vetting Processes
  • How vetting processes assist companies with protecting their reputation by conducting a thorough investigation of an individual, company, or other entity prior to moving forward with a business relationship.
  • Distinguishing between business vetting, supplier vetting and employee vetting.
Part 3: Forensics 101: Commercial Crime-Examples of commercial crime
  • Good company management to prevent and detect commercial crime
  • Your reporting obligation
  • How the forensic investigation process assists in dealing with commercial crime